• Susan Gearing

The Dream

Getting my poodles - Beryl and Mabel - was the best thing that ever happened to me. They bring so much joy and fun into life and have really changed the way I live and love. I had always wanted dogs but as I worked full time I felt it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog. It was a work friend who said to me there is a whole industry out there to help you have a dog and I have never looked back. Clearly I didn’t stop at one!

I am never happier than when I’m out with my dogs. Or in with them come to think about it! And I was surprised to discover how much I missed them when I went on a week long skiing trip. It actually felt like a physical pain. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful dog walker who comes to stay when I’m away and takes fabulous care of my girls.

Many others are not so lucky and often avoid going away and when they do can’t relax or enjoy themselves. I have often dreamed of starting my own business and working with animals and as new year 2019 dawned I realised it was now and never. I handed in my resignation at work, signed up for a doggy first aid course, applied for a council licence and signed up for a 31 day grooming course and The Poodle Palace - Doggy Hotel & Spa was born!

The Poodle Palace - Doggy Hotel & Spa is all about providing a home from home service for dogs and their owners. Specialising in pampered pooches who just wouldn’t cope in a kennel environment and providing 5 star care. Dogs are welcomed into my home either for daycare, overnight or grooming. I am building a concierge service that allows for all your dogs needs to be met. The concierge service will also collate other recommended dog service providers to support dog owners.


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