• Susan Gearing

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

I am now in my 6th week of Grooming training working towards a City and Guilds qualification and after over 20 years working in Learning and Development I have really upped my Continuous Professional Development (CPD) game! I can honestly say I'm obsessed. For those that follow my Facebook page @doggyhotelandspa you may have seen this picture of me seeing scissors everywhere - even in the sky!

Can you see the scissors?

I'm learning so much hands on with so many different dogs every day and watching you tube, books, groups and doing homework at night. From doubting I'd ever be able to style my own dogs to a high standard I can now do that for so many different dogs and have seen the difference first hand grooming makes. Dogs can so easily get matted and it can be very uncomfortable. Regular grooming prevents this. A heavy coat and matting also hides a multitude of sins. From parasites to serious health issues that you may not detect because your dog has not been groomed recently.

Dogs who are groomed less frequently can find the experience stressful and I have been delighted to see the care and attention given to these dogs. They often need extra breaks and additional groomers to support and sometimes get so stressed the groom is stopped and the owner called to explain that we have done what we can but don't feel it's fair on the dog to carry on. Clearly stressing the dog to that extent creates and vicious cycle where the dog will always associate grooming with being stressed and be able to tolerate less and less. The focus on the dogs wellbeing is key. Gradually building up to a full a groom can be much more worthwhile in the long run. You also end up with a dog who loves all the attention and enjoys the whole experience. Like my Standard Poodle Mabel!

I am now taking bookings for grooming at The Poodle Palace - Doggy Hotel and Spa and finding that the home environment is a lot quieter and allows you to focus on one dog from beginning to end. I love seeing the dogs come in and leave with a whole new lease of life as they feel and look great!


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